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Grace Bizzaro

Grace Bizzarro has been writing since she could remember. Little stories on scraps of paper tucked away in drawers or between the pages of books. There was always a winning poem or a short story by Grace Barrett displayed on the black board in the English class room at her public and high school in Canada. She just knew she was going to be a famous author. She set out to read every book in the library, any newspaper or magazine found, anything bearing the printed word. 


Growing up and real life interrupted a budding career and she didn’t get back to writing those books and becoming an author for several years. In the interim, there were many small newspaper articles, poems in periodicals, letters to editors and press releases for the animal shelters and woman’s clubs. Enough to keep the Barrett name in print. But real writing had to wait.


One day the muse decided it just wouldn’t wait any longer. She sat in a comfortable chair in the sun room with a stack of yellow pads and wrote, by hand, four hundred and eighty pages for her first novel, Seeds of Deception. She has not stopped writing since and the compulsion to write, write, write, get it on paper, follows her around like a trained ferret. Seven novels, three children’s books, over three hundred poems, and lots of short stories clutter her home office and she blesses the day the computer was invented, or was it developed, devised or created? She’s sure it was just for her.


She is currently working on  revisions of finished works, preparation of chap books of poems, and trying to make sense of two file cabinets of  writing collected through the years and publishing some of it.

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