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Natalie Brown

A Sarasota native, Natalie is a CFP® professional at an asset management firm. In the mornings, at night, and whenever she can get 

hold of a minute and a writing implement, she is scribbling down the plot bunnies multiplying in her brain. She also does freelance proofreading for a professional editor and considers The Chicago Manual of Style required reading.

Natalie is as eclectic a writer as she is a reader. While her main foci are young adult fantasy and general satire, she routinely nurses hopeless plot ideas in the historical fiction, mystery, thriller, romance, adventure, mid-grade, and horror genres, as well as a bit of historical nonfiction.

When she is not working, writing, or studying she can usually be found 

butchering the pronunciation of multiple foreign languages; playing piano, violin, or guitar with faltering rhythm and accuracy; cultivating the slow but inevitable death of various flora; or contemplating the marvel of her dog. She intends, at some point in her life, to return to school to achieve All The DegreesTM (particularly in business, physics, and philosophy), and she is still fascinated that mercury does not soak into toilet paper. She blogs occasionally at

Natalie graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florida in 2013, where she studied English and History. She interned in the editorial department at Pelican Publishing Company and SRQ Magazine before making a home in the financial industry. She is the webmaster of this site and the editor of the SFW Plotting Success newsletter.

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